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This is our Team

Meet Martin, Monique, Clara, Nuno and Paulo

Martin’s E-Bike was founded in 2011 out of a passion for Portugal and more specifically the Algarve region. What better way to explore the Algarve than by bike? E-Bikes provide people with the opportunity to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Algarve, without the need to be in perfect physical condition. The E-Bike will do the heavy work for you.

To give our customers the best biking experience, we aim always to provide the best bikes and E-Bikes, excellent service, parts from well-known brands and our vast amount of passion.

We have clients from Lisbon to Aljezur and Sagres to Ayamonte (Spain). We deliver and pick up bikes with our modern vans and well-trained staff.

Why should people come to Martin´s E-Bike? That’s really simple. We have been offering the best cycling advice for over 10 years. We came to the Algarve with a lot of expertise and this has only grown. We also made a choice not to sell anything we cannot service or guarantee to function perfectly. We have seen too many developments in electric scooters and bikes for prices you can not build a good product for. Those products break down after only a short time of usage. We would like to help build a sustainable world and think that cycling and durable products can be a great solution.

We want our customers to be ambassadors for our products and services and to leave our shop happy, so at the end of the day when we close the doors, arrive home after a hard day of work, all of us have a smile on our faces as well.

If you have any questions or we can help you with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or by visiting our shop in Almancil.

Our Team

Martin van den Hoek

founder of Martin’s E-Bike

I started in 2011 developing cycling holidays in the Algarve and in april 2013 we opened the shop in Almancil. Together with my wife Monique our every day goal is to be the best E-Bike shop in the Algarve. We have 5 kids, all adults now, and they are cycling around in Holland.

When I started Martin’s E-bike I wanted to show everybody that E-Bikes are normal bikes with some extras. The technique develops all the time and I find it very interesting to be part of this cycling evolution. 

Of course I also like to ride my own Riese & Muller Super Delite bike. When we have time, on Sunday mornings, we go to Quarteira for a breakfast. We hook on the trailer, put in our 1 year old dog and walk along the beach afterwards. With the dual battery system we also go into the hills around Loule with great ease. People always look surprised when they see us passing by with the dog and still smiling going up.

Monique van den Hoek – van Ruth

co-founder of Martin’s E-Bike

I’m married to Martin and together we have five kids and three grandchildren.

I work in the shop for almost five years. My job is purchasing the bikes, accessories and parts. I also help out in the shop with the sales. I believe we have a great team, where everybody has his own speciality, but we help each other where needed. There’s always time for a laugh in between work and we’re trying to go home happy and satisfied every day, which is very important in my opinion.

I find the developments in the E-Bike world really interesting and every year I wonder what will be the next step or change in batteries, engines or parts of the E-Bikes. I feel that we’re lucky to be in the E-Bike business, because cycling is very populair at this moment in the whole of Europe.

I love to go out on a Sunday morning, take my E-Bike (ok, husband and dog can come with me) for al long trip and have a breakfast near the beach. I have a Riese & Müller Homage. Because of the powerful engine, and the full suspension it feels like heaven.

Last year I was selling two bikes to a very nice couple and of course I advised them to try the bikes before buying. The answer was:”Please, can you try it for me?” I was totally surprised about that, but I said : “Sure!” I made a test ride on the bike in front of the couple. Two weeks later they came to the shop on their bikes to tell us how happy they were with the bikes and that they send friends to our shop to buy bikes as well, which meant…two more happy people and that’s exactly what I love about my job!


Office Manager at Martin’s E-Bike

I work for Martin now a little over 2 years, he is a great employer and I feel very valued for the work I do. I can look forward to go to my job everyday.

We have a great team, we work hard, but we also laugh a lot! I love to have the contact with our clients, getting to know people from all ages and from all over the word. I am very proud of the service we offer! For me it is very important to do the after sales follow up. We trust the products and the brands we sell but we want to know what our customers experiences are after their purchase.

As the mother of four boys, I love that my sons all love to cycle and that gives me some alone time 🙂

I can tell so many nice things about my daily work but my favorite one is that Martin is the best person to do pranks. One day, I was doing coffee, and Martin came in without making any noise, and suddenly yelled. You cannot imagine the amount of coffee everywhere. In the ceiling, floor, under cabinets in the kitchen..


Workshop & Repairs at Martin’s E-Bike

I take care of the workshop, repair and prepare bikes as if they were my own. I’m working for Martin for 3 years now. Martin is the one who introduced me to “the world of E-Bikes” Thanks to him I can say I really love E-Bikes! I’m convinced this is an area that will evolve even more in the future

We have a good team and we always look for solutions instead of problems. Everybody has his own responsibility, but we also try to help each other where it is needed.

One year after I started working at Martin’s E-Bike, I got my first E-Bike. I can tell you since that day, my car has been staying in my garage!

I have a Klever X-Speed that I ride everywhere, in an 80 km radius of Loule (where I live) I like to discover new roads and places. When I’m not cycling, I like to be on the computer.

There are many nice things about my daily work, but it is just too much to tell…


Workshop & Shop at Martin’s E-Bike


My name is Paulo and I’m really sorry ladies, but I’m already taken.

I’m new in the team and still learning the job, but mostly I help both in the shop and workshop. I’ve been working for Martin since October 2020.

We have a really nice team and it’s very pleasant to work with them.

I believe that E-bikes are the future and I really enjoy working in this business.

Before working at Martin’s E-Bike I never tried an E-Bike. I even lost my cycling habit, but  since I’m working here, I have been getting more and more in love with bikes and how they work. I really like to ride a bike now and get more into cycling every day. For now I have an MTB but in the future I’ll like to have my own Electric Bike.

Beside riding my bike I also love videogames and comics.

My most rememberable anecdote in the last months was this… I had to do a rental pick-up. When I rang the doorbell, the customer came to the door in her underwear. That itself was already embarrassing, but the funny part was that I blushed like a really ripe tomato.

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