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Your E-Bike

Everything you need to know before buying an E-Bike

What do you need to know before you buy an E-Bike

Before you buy an E-bike you need to realise what you are going to use it for. Just like a normal bike there are different kind of E-Bikes for sale. Actually these days all the normal bikes are also available as an E-Bike. What are your goals? Do you want to use it for leisure or do you want to be(come) a more active and sportive user?

How often will you be using your E-Bike?

Of course it is important to determine for yourself in advance if you will be a frequent bike user, or you are somebody who will take his/her bike out just once in a while.
Honestly we have the experience once you have tried your E-Bike, you will use it more and more!

Where will you be using/ taking your E-Bike?

What goals do you set while using your E-Bike? Do you want to become a sporty cyclist, who will test every hill in the Algarve, or are you planning to use your E-Bike only for fun rides and leisure? This of course determines which E-bike is the right one for you!

Some questions we get asked a lot


I am not very fit, will I be able to ride my E-Bike here in the Algarve?

That is the beauty of E-bikes. Even when you are not in the best physical shape (yet) you can ride an E-bike. Because the E-Bike can be adjusted to what you can handle at that moment!


Can I test ride an E-Bike before buying?

This answer is a double yes! Before you consider to buy an E-bike you might want to try it out first. We also offer rentals, that you can try maybe a couple of days or even weeks before you decide to buy an E-Bike. When you decide that an E-Bike is the right for you, of course you can make a test ride on the bike before you purchase it.


Can I trade in my old (E-) Bike?

There are possibilities to trade in your old (E-) Bike. Of course it depends on many things and we can only properly answer this question after we really see your (E-) Bike.


Can you service my E-Bike yearly?

Yes, we can service every E-Bike we sell. We use original parts for repairs and we only offer the highest quality in service

If you didn’t buy your (E-)Bike with us, we might also have the knowledge to service it, but for this it is evident that we first see and check your (E-) Bike.


I am not able to bring the E-Bike to my house, can you deliver it?

When you purchase your E-Bike, you will not always be able to bring it home yourself. Simply because you don’t have the car or transportation for it and live too far from our shop. We offer a delivery service to bring the E-Bike to your address. With our modern vans we easily transport your new E-Bike safe and secure!

Are there any other question that we can answer for you?

Please contact us and we will answer your questions!

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