Newest brand in our store: Riese & Müller

Newest brand in our store: Riese & Müller

March 27, 2023

The latest addition to our range is Riese & Müller. This high-quality brand fits perfectly, because we only want to sell the best E-Bikes

About Riese & Müller: It all started with two engineers, a good idea and a garage. This time not in California, but in southern Hesse, in Darmstadt, to be precise. In the courtyard of the parents. Immediately after its foundation, the company won the Innovation Award 1993 and has grown into an internationally renowned premium manufacturer of E-Bikes and folding bicycles. As before, Riese & Müller manufactures tomorrow's most innovative bicycles with the passion of yesteryear – in Mühltal, not far from the old garage.

Three words sum up the entire philosophy of Riese & Müller: born from conviction. The passion for bicycles and innovations, as well as a perfectionist approach, dominate the work of Riese & Müller. The result is E-Bikes, E-Cargo-Bikes and folding bikes of the highest quality, perfected down to the smallest detail, with the most modern technology and groundbreaking design. Or in other words: real German technical skill.

Each model represents a complete solution for a specific purpose. This is the only reason why Riese & Müller bicycles provide the best riding characteristics for maximum riding pleasure. After all, customer satisfaction is their biggest driver. Just as important as satisfied customers are satisfied employees. The success of the bikes and the good working atmosphere show that they are a team. All working with the same conviction.

Riese & Müller has already won numerous awards and continues to win more. Since the first Award in 1997, Riese & Müller has won 25+ Awards. The recently released catalog indicates that more awards will come with the 2020 models and innovations. The classic Delite is completely relaunched, the new Swing3 brings elegance to a traditional city bike. And the redesigned Load can do so much more than its predecessor, impressing with many new features such as the long sought-after belt drive.
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