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Bike and E-Bike cycling holidays are a whole new concept when it comes to holidaying in the Algarve. Instead of renting a car, why not rent a bike, or an E-Bike that takes the strain out of all those windy uphills? It’s eco-friendly, healthy, exhilarating – and gets the most out of the Algarve landscape!

The Algarve has become one of the premier holiday destinations in Portugal and Europe. In addition to the wonderful climate and various beautiful beaches with breathtaking views, you will also find fascinating countrysides full of beautiful scenery and attractions, such as the orange groves, Moorish castles, picturesque fishing villages and ancient valleys. Cycling by E-Bike is one of the best ways to view the coastal areas of the Algarve and is also excellent for exploring the inland. Albufeira is a well known tourist town with an old centre and small beaches and a lot of bars and shops. The hotel you will stay in during your cycling holiday is located just outside Albufeira on a beautiful cliff. Quarteira is a tourist resort on the Atlantic Ocean with a fabulous boulevard and a beautiful sandy beach. A perfect place and a great starting point for your cycling holiday.

We offer the Cycling Holidays through our tour operators. There are 5 locations in the Algarve where you can start your cycling holiday and find our rental (E-) Bikes. The holiday package includes of course unique routes that you can cycle to explore the Algarve and its beauty! Martin’s E-Bike offers only the best bikes and E-Bikes for rentals and sales, so you can enjoy your bike tour or cycling holiday with complete focus on the beauty of the Algarve without the need to have a perfect endurance.

We work together with our partners to provide you the best holiday experience!


Fitál is a Dutch tour operator, active for almost 18 years. Originally, they mainly offered cycling holidays in Northern Europe. When we proposed to offer holidays by bike in Portugal, they were enthusiastic right away; and they have not regretted it for a second. Together, we have already had many satisfied guests. More information about Fitál? ​

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Our Cycling Holidays

An 8 day cycling holiday where Albufeira is the base, your starting/ end point and with trips to Guia, Alvor, Paderne, Alte, Porches, Boliquieme and Silves

The progress has turned Albufeira into a city with tourism and leisure as its vocation but the streets in the hold Cerro da Vila (mediaeval area) still preserve the picturesque appeal of whitewashed houses and steeply narrow streets. In Travessa da Igreja Velha, an old moorish arch indicates the place where stood a primitive mosque, later transformed in the town’s first church.

On the beach, the bright colours of the fishing boats contrast with the blue of the sea. Indifferent to the tourists sunbathing nearby, the fishermen carry on the task of mending and preparing the nets, as they have done for hundreds of years.

A walk by the sea will offer you a magnificent view over the city, the beaches and the cliffs which are part of the charm of Albufeira. The sidewalk leads to the pretty cave at Xorino, where according to the local tradition the Moors took refuge when the town was reconquered by the Christians in the 13th century.

Route Description:



Late afternoon / early evening, arrival at the Faro airport. Destination Albufeira.


Tuesday  Route 1. Hotel – Guia – Albufeira, 29 km

Introduction route across peaceful paths, to get familiarised with the e-bike, and the direct surroundings. After gathering much information during the morning briefing, perhaps it isn’t a good idea to get started with a long trip right away. On this peaceful route, you can first learn to master the e-bike. A visit to the village Guia is only an introduction to the Algarve surroundings, which you shall soon see a lot of. Before returning to Hotel Maritur, the route will take you past the coastal place of Albuferia, which is actually the basis of your bike holiday. Because it is so uniquely situated, Albuferia is a very popular touristic place, but has managed to maintain its charm, despite so many visitors.

Take your time during your first visit. It shall probably not be your last visit during this week.


Wednesday  Route 2. Alvor – Hotel, 46 km

A big part of the wonderful Algarve coastline can be seen when following the bike route Ecovia do Litoral. Today, you have the possibility of seeing the west side, because in the morning we will be taking you to the picturesque fishers village Alvor, after which you will have the whole day to bike the route back to Albuferia, alongside the coastal places Praia da Rocha, Portimão, Lagoa and Armação de Pêra.Alvor is situated at the so-called Ria van Alvor; a sheltered estuary of the rivers of Torre, Farelo and Odiáxere, before they flow into the sea. These are fertile grounds that house many species of waterfowl, crustacean and shellfish, and is an interesting place for fishers, nature-lovers and kite-surfers.Upon arrival in Alvor, it is recommended that you leave the bikes at the fish auction, so you can have a nice walk through the quaint town, for example up to the church way on top. Before you get back onto the bike, you can have an extensive look at Ria from the various terraces.


Thursday  Route 3. Hotel – Paderne, 50 km or Route 3a. Hotel – Alte, 64 km

The valley of the Alte and Algibre river is a true bike attraction with quiet roads, so you can admire the rural life of the Algarve. The route runs from Albuferia northwards through the villages Ferreiras, Tunes and Ribeira de Alte. The route goes through the hamlet of Alcaria to Paderne. Paderne is an excellent place for lunch or coffee in one of the typical local restaurants or cafes. If enough time (take 1.5 hours), a trip to the remains of the Moorish castle is well worth it before leaving Paderne.

Beautiful flat cycle paths amidst almond, olive, fig, carob and orange groves. The tourism of the coast seems like an infinity here. Alte is also known as the most typical village of Algarve. It is certainly worth a visit, and a good resting place where you can charge your batteries.


Friday  Route 4.  Hotel – Porches, 37 km

After laying down some long routes today, there is finally time to take it easy. You could spend a day without the bike by staying at the hotel, at the beach, or take a luxury excursion, to enjoy another side of Algarve.

For those who prefer to take the bike, we suggest taking the route to the village Porches. It is a short route across peaceful roads, and on the way back you will go through Armação de Pêra with its lively art boulevard. Porches is a nice old centre, and it is the centre for ceramic crafts. A visit to one of the ceramic galleries is certain worth it. Before returning to your hotel, there is probably plenty of time to visit another beautiful spot of the Algarve coast, in this case the beach of Galé. 


Saturday  Route 5. Hotel – Boliqueime, 49 km

Today we have for you a cozy medium to the small picturesque town of Boliqueime. The small licorice, belonging to the municipality of Loule, has 4473 inhabitants. The core of this small village is characterized by a beautiful church. Boliqueime is located at the foot of a mountain, which makes the view with sea view very beautiful.

The route initially goes through the old part of Albufeira, then via a service road towards
Olhos d ’Agua and just when you have had enough busyness you dive between the houses through the beautiful nature. Then along Ribeiro da Quarteira and through varied landscapes towards Boliqueime.
Today you will again go through the beautiful hinterland of the beautiful Algarve. Enjoy this beautiful route.


Sunday  Route 6. Hotel – Silves, 62 km 

The last day to enjoy Algarve on your e-bike takes you across the rural area. This route takes you through countless orange gardens, till you arrive at the place called Silves, which was the main city of ‘Al Gharb al Andalus’ in the Moorse period. The Moorse castle is still in good condition, and you can certainly visit it. The wonderful old centre has nice terraces at the town hall (camâra municipal), and at the Roman bridge at river Arade. The route is straightforward till just before Silves. Due to the local one way traffic, it is better to enter the town from the northern direction, and to exit it from the south. So, coming from north, at first you see the route on your left side, and after visiting Silves, you arrive at the same junction, where you take a right, going direction east, through orange-land and through villages Fonte Louzeiro, Chaminé en Algoz.



Towards the end of the morning, or at the beginning of the afternoon, off you go to the airport, taking the flight back home, as you wave your e-bike and Algarve goodbye.

Quarteira boulevard

An 8 day cycling holiday where Quarteira is the base, your starting/ end point and with trips to Vilamoura, Fuseta, Loulé, Praia de Faro, Estoi and Boliquieme.

Quarteira was one of the first resorts to be developed along the Algarve coast. Apparently there was once a small fishing village here, but before you start imagining quaint whitewashed fisherman’s cottages huddled around a little harbour, that Quarteira has long since gone. 

Quarteira does still have some undeniably good features. Chief among these is a fantastic stretch of sandy beach, the Praia de Quarteira. Stretching for nearly 2 kilometres the beach here runs from the harbour right to the edge of town. Beyond this, the name of the beach changes but the sand continues all the way to Faro and beyond. Running the length of the beach is the bustling palm tree-lined promenade. 

Quarteira differs from many of the other older resort towns along the Algarve, such as Albufeira, in that it has more of a Portuguese character. There are lots of Portuguese style cafes and restaurants. These include some good seafood options as there is still a thriving fishing industry in the town.

At the western end of town is Quarteira’s harbour, which is very much a working fishing port. This can offer something of a welcome relief from the wall-to-wall tourist offerings on the main strip a hundred metres or so from here. It is quite enjoyable to walk out along one of the long pier arms and watch the comings and goings of the fishing boats. 

Another Quarteira tradition that pre-dates the tourist boom are its markets. There is a fish market Monday to Saturday from 8am to 3pm and a vegetable market that runs 7 days a week. Both take place by the harbour. The town is also home to a weekly flea market which takes place near the bus station every Wednesday.

Route Description:


Day 1 

Arrival at Hotel 


Day 2  Route 1. Hotel – Vilamoura, 27 km

The best way to try out your E-Bike and GPS device and get acquainted with the immediate vicinity of the hotel is to go straight out on the first day for a short cycle route. Cycling along the beach and promenade of Quarteira, as well as the marina of Vilamoura, you will pass it all. The route also comes to the ‘bird park’ (parque ambiental) of Vilamoura. Very worthwhile for nature and bird watchers. We should note, however, that in wet conditions it is better to leave the park on the right in order to return to the hotel somewhat recognizable. It would give you more time to visit Cerro da Vila, for example. In stark contrast to the modern appearance of Vilamoura, this is one of the few, thus valuable, excavations from Roman times in the Algarve. Watching boats from a sunny terrace in the marina of Vilamoura can also be pleasant towards the end of the ride.


Day 3  Route 2. Fuseta – Hotel, 51 km

The route for this day is a bit longer, but it will certainly be worth it. As a change from the daily rounds, we bring you to Fuseta, one of the nicest fishing villages in Algarve.
We start in the harbor of Fuseta in the midst of the fishermen. While enjoying a cup of coffee on the terrace you can see them busy with their boats and activities. From Fuseta you cycle according to the route of the coastal bicycle project ‘ecovia do litoral’ to Olhão. Olhão is still the center of fishing and shellfish culture for the Algarve. A visit to the impressive fish market should not be omitted. Excellent location to use these delicacies, as fresh as possible, for lunch. You then cycle around Faro via quiet bicycle-friendly roads to return to Quarteira.


Day 4  Route 3. Hotel – Loulé, 31 km

Saturday is the best day to cycle to the town of Loulé. It is then a lively regional center where all the inhabitants of the hills around the city congregate, attracted by the characteristic Moorish-style daily market for fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese and various other regional products. On Saturdays, the daily market can be combined with a visit to the famous and colorful ‘gypsy market’ for which people from all over the Algarve come to Loulé. Not only because of the markets, Loulé is an extremely interesting and authentic place. The small cobbled streets behind the market building between the fortress walls of the castle and São Clemente church are a very charming, attractive backdrop for many cultural activities and well worth a short walk.


Day 5  Route 4. Hotel – Praia de Faro, 49 km

The drive to Faro Island, or Faro beach, is a classic route and also an introduction to the Ria Formosa Natural Park. You cycle through a wadden area with salt pans, rich in interesting fauna including turtles and flamingos. The island of Faro is an excellent place for a lunch or coffee stop. Excellent opportunity for fresh fish and to taste the local charm among the fishermen’s houses scattered along Faro beach. This in contrast to the serene surroundings of Quinta do Lago, which you cycle through on the way back and forth. Here the tone is set by stately villas and rolling golf courses shaded by fragrant pine trees.


Day 6  Route 5. Hotel – Estoi, 58 km

A surprising trip through the quiet agricultural area directly behind Faro to the Roman ruins of Milreu near the town of Estoi. As a result of the great earthquake in 1755, not many buildings from this period of history have been preserved in southern Portugal. Estoi also has a separate palace in classic baroque style that you cycle along, but it also breathes the typical Algarvian atmosphere in the small streets of the center around the 6th century church. The route back takes you past the famous church of São Lourenço just before reaching Almancil. Famous for the rich decoration of the interior with the blue hand-painted tiling (azulejos).


Day 7  Route 6. Hotel – Boliqueime, 39 km

Rural route through the middle of Algarve on quiet bicycle-friendly roads. It regularly passes small hamlets and villages such as Vale Judeu and Vale Covo. There are therefore plenty of options for a coffee stop or lunch in a local cafe or restaurant as can be found in practically every Portuguese village. It gets busier in Fonte de Boliqueime. The route makes a loop first.


Day 8

As all good things come to an end, it is time to go back home today.

An 8 day cycling holiday where Olhos d’Agua is the base, your starting/ end point and with trips to Albufeira, Boliquieme, Armação de Pêra, Ferrarias, Alte and Fonte Santa.

Traditionally a small fishing village, Olhos de Água (Eyes of Water) gets its name due to the freshwater springs to be found among the rocks at the eastern end of the beach. At low tide, it is very easy to spot them bubbling up through the sand and feel the freshness arising from the depths. 

In recent years, the village has grown significantly but this very pretty beach, surrounded by its ochre shaded cliffs, has maintained its beauty. Indeed, this very pleasant spot enjoys a high quality range of facilities and services, including excellent seawards facing restaurants.

Route Description:


Day 1  

Arrival at Hotel


Day 2  Route 1. Hotel  – Albufeira, 34 km.

Today a beautiful route through the hinterland of Albufeira combined with the beauty of the old town. Before returning to your hotel, you will visit Albufeira’s old town, with plenty of opportunity to stroll through it. In the old town you can still feel the atmosphere of the old fishing village (small streets and old houses). You can walk straight onto the beach from the old town. On top of the cliffs (last part of today’s route) you have a beautiful view over the sea and the coast of the entire Algarve.


Day 3  Route 2. Hotel – Boliqueime, 39 km.

Boliqueime, a place located in the hills of the municipality of Loulé. The center of this town has an exceptionally beautiful church. Due to its high location, this village has a beautiful sea view. The quarry at the expense of Boliqueime is made of yellow sandstone. A typical stone from this region that has been used for centuries to manufacture building materials. among others. for the handmade masonry around doors and windows. This quarry comes across several times this week.


Day 4  Route 3. Hotel – Armação de Pera, 51 km

Again a beautiful route largely along the coast on the way there. the way back is characterized by beautiful landscapes with colorful pomegranate orchards interspersed with almond, fig and carob trees. Armação de Pêra has a beautiful long sandy beach stretching over a length of 6 km. It is surrounded by limestone cliffs.
Armação de Pêra was originally used by the fishermen from the nearby village of Pêra to prepare the fishing fleet (Armação). You will certainly recognize this as soon as you enter Armação de Pêra.


Day 5  Route 4. Hotel – Ferrarias, 44 km.

A varied route has been planned for today. Along the Albufeira strip, towards quieter spots. You will pass through the town of Alcantarilha. A pleasant village with a beautiful church and a market on the first Friday of the month. You continue your way further into the hinterland. Fruit growing is the largest source of income in this area. You will be amazed at the amount of orange groves you pass.


Day 6  Route 5. Hotel – Alte, 56 km

For today a beautiful (slightly longer) route to the small village of Alte.
This village is known as one of the most beautiful villages in the Algarve.
The village is built against the mountain, so there is a lot of height difference within the village. There are two churches, and a small river, called Rib, runs right through the village. The old church in Alte can be visited. Its chapel was founded by one local noble lady sometime in the 16th century. She was so grateful to her husband after a crusade that when he returned she commissioned this beautiful chapel to be to build.


Day 7  Route 6. Hotel – Fonte Santa, 39 km

Today we have chosen a nice, fairly flat route to Fonte Santa. A beautiful and quiet area bordering Quarteira, a pleasant coastal town in the municipality of Loulé. The route goes through a beautiful nature reserve, after which you will visit the port of Vilamoura to drive into Fonte Santa via Quarteira. Enjoy the beautiful nature with many orange groves, cork oaks and the peaceful surroundings.


Day 8

After beautiful new sightseeings and great new experiences, this trip has unfortunately come to an end. You’ll go back home today, but we hope to see you soon again to see more of the Algarve!

An 8 day cycling holiday where Loulé is the base, your starting/ end point and with trips to Vilamoura, Barranco do Velho, Faro, São Brás de Alportel, Paderne and Serro de Cima

The date of the city’s foundation is uncertain, although it most certainly dates back to the distant past. There are, however, clear traces of the area’s occupation by the Romans, with the fishing and fish-salting centre of Cerro da Vila in Vilamoura being the best example, and it is known that when the Moors arrived in Loulé in 715, it was already an important town.

Loulé was reconquered by the Christians in 1249, in the reign of Dom Afonso III, having been awarded a charter in 1266. Remaining from the Middle Ages is the Castle, whose towers can still be seen amidst the houses, as well as some sections of its walls. In 1291, the king Dom Dinis set up a fair in Loulé, making it the region’s main trading centre.

As Loulé was an inland town, it did not directly benefit from the wealth of the period of the Discoveries as much as several other places along the coast, although it is nonetheless possible to find here a number of Manueline decorative features in the city’s houses and monuments, such as the Igreja de São Clemente or the Igreja da Misericórdia. The region’s economic development resulted from its farming activity, especially from its dry fruit products (almonds and figs), and the handicraft articles that have continued to be produced over many centuries. Loulé was raised to the status of a city in 1988.

Nowadays, Loulé is the economic centre of Portugal’s largest municipality, where the coastal towns live from tourism and the inland areas depend on trade and agriculture. On the city’s outskirts are some of the best-known tourist areas in the Algarve, such as Vilamoura or Quarteira on the coast and Salir or Alte inland.

Very close to the city, nature lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the Protected Areas of Benémola and Rocha da Pena, which help to preserve a different Algarve, one that is filled with native vegetation and where it is possible to enjoy some organised walking tours.

Loulé’s carnival celebrations are amongst the most famous in Portugal.

Route Description:



Arrival at Faro and transport to your hotel.


Wednesday  Route 1. Hotel – Vilamoura, 35 km

To familiarize yourself with your bicycle and GPS device, start your cycling holiday with a quiet day to Vilamoura. A town that has grown around a chic marina, and has therefore become an important attraction of the Algarve. Your tour today takes you on quiet country roads, ranging from asphalt, to sand and gravel, and various height differences. You will occasionally come across a secluded house and beautiful nature. So enjoyment will be a small effort. At the end of your trip, you will also come across various genuine Portuguese venues where you can enjoy and chat about this experience while enjoying a nice wine from the region or some other refreshment.


Thursday  Route 2. Hotel – Barranco do Velho, 46 km

A great challenge awaits you today to the beautiful hinterland of Loulé. A tour with many beautiful views that will eventually lead you to Barranco de Velho. A village at the foot of a geologically new area, the Barrocal. An area between the coast and the hills. The village is surrounded by streams, hills and valleys, which makes your bike ride not easy, but certainly worth doing. Continue to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view on every part of this scenic route.


Friday  Route 3. Hotel – Faro, 50 km

Today is a good day for a pleasant route to the capital of the beautiful popular Algarve. Faro has many attractions including Cathedrals, churches and museums. On the way you will be surprised by the many orange, lemon five and cork trees. A pleasure to cycle in between. In the old town of Faro you can enjoy the cozy terraces that this city has.


Saturday  Route 4. Hotel – São Brás de Alportel, 38 km

Today a tough cycling day, with a beautiful goal, namely São Brás de Alportel, a village between the hills. You drive among the lush leaves of almond, fig, carob and pomegranate trees with beautiful views over the quite hilly area. Most of it will be on tarmac to make it easier to enjoy the view. Only a small part will go over gravel / gravel to allow you to experience the atmosphere of that area intensely. São Brás de Alportel is a quiet village with typical Portuguese houses and a beautiful church with bell tower. The ring around the village overlooks the sea and the mountains. In earlier times the cork industry was the main source of income for the village.


Sunday  Route 5. Hotel – Paderne, 49 km

A great opportunity to visit the village of Paderne west of Loulé today. A small village in the hills above the tourist Albufeira. It has a nice old center with old houses and a beautiful church. The route to this nice village goes through the pleasant quiet hinterland with the beautiful orange and olive trees. You will see beautiful old Quintas and smell the fragrant blossom trees while cycling through this beautiful hilly area.


Monday  Route 6. Hotel – Serro de Cima, 42 km

You drive through wide open spaces, clean air, fresh views around every corner you cycle. The small hamlets of only four / five houses give you the feeling that time has stopped. This day will give you a different view of the Algarve while enjoying the fascinating views. It gives you a good insight into the Barrocal (as mentioned earlier, the land between the hills and the coast) and gives you the feeling of being alone in the world at times, together with the beautiful nature.



Time to end your holiday, transfer to Faro airport.

An 8 day cycling holiday where the Ecovia Coast Route leads you through Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Tavira, Olhão, Vilamoura, Portimão/Praia da Rocha, Praia da Luz and Cabo de São Vicente. A route where you can find the full beauty of the Algarve!

Portugal – Ecovia coast route

Wonderful relaxed cycling alternately along the coast and through the hinterland of Portugal. Enjoy the pleasant climate and hospitality of Portugal.

The capital of the Algarve, Faro splits the coast in two, an eastern and a western part. The east lies in the lee of the Atlantic sea breeze, with extensive sandy beaches.In the west you will find the impressive rocks. You cycle from east to west.

The cycle route is partly on small asphalted inner roads, but also on unpaved paths.

Route Description:


Day 1

After your flight to Faro transfer to Vila Real de Santo Antonio. 


Day 2  Route 1. Vila Real de Santo Antonio – Tavira, 33 km

On the banks of the Rio Guadiana, which forms the border with Spain, your first day of cycling starts to the seaside resort of Monte Gordo. Through the dunes and country roads to the old fortress Cacela Velha, here you have a beautiful view over the Ria Formosa. Along the salt pans to the beautiful fishing town of Tavira. The Moorish style front doors and Renaissance buildings are reminiscent of earlier golden times. Be sure to visit the Igreja da Misericordia (church) with its 18 beautiful tile panels. Your hotel is located on the Gilao River in Tavira.


Day 3  Route 2. Tavira – Olhão, 33 km

First visit the Camera Obscura in Tavira and walk across the Roman bridge before starting your cycle route. Not too many kms today, because the route is partly on unpaved paths to Fuseta. This place is mainly known for its tuna fishing. You can enjoy lunch at the beach. Your cycling tour continues through the Ria Formosa, with its many water birds and salt pans. The Ria Formosa is home to many migratory birds that are on their way from Northern Europe to Africa and vice versa. In Olhao, a typical Portuguese fishing town in Moorish style with the famous fish market, your cycling day ends. Your hotel is opposite the marina.


Day 4  Route 3. Olhao – Vilamoura, 49 km

Of course you first have a look at the fish market in the special red brick building with oriental domes before you get on your bike to Faro. Do not forget to visit the old center of the capital of the Algarve, on the edge of the lagoon, with beautiful narrow alleys behind meters-thick fortress walls. You cycle through the hinterland to the church of Sao Lourenco in Almancil because you really don’t have to go to Lisbon to admire beautiful azulejos art. The interior of this church confirms this. Through the nature reserve Ria Formosa and over the boulevard of Quarteira to the large marina of Vilamoura.


Day 5  Route 4. Vilamoura – Portimão / Praia da Rocha, 55 km

By bike to Albufeira, once a picturesque fishing village, now the most touristic resort in the Algarve. The beach is surrounded by ocher rocks. After Albufeira you will get special beaches with beautiful rock formations, enjoy coffee or lunch in one of the many restaurants on the praias (beaches). After Ferragudo you cycle over the Arade river into Portimao. Your hotel is located next to the old fort, so you can walk to the beach or the boulevard.


Day 6  Route 5. Praia da Rocha – Praia da Luz, 55 km

The historic fishing town of Alvor with the 16th century parish church with a beautiful portal is probably your first stop for the day. Your route leaves the coast to cycle the estuary of the Alvor river. At Lagos, the city made famous by Henry the navigator, you come back to the coast. Behind the ramparts are the most beautiful streets. You spend the night in the small coastal town of Praia da Luz.


Day 7  Route 6. Praia da Luz – Cabo de São Vicente, 40 km

Today the most challenging route of this week. There are many height differences to bridge. This gives you spectacular views of the coast. The closer you get to Sagres, the flatter your route becomes. You will certainly feel the fresh ocean breeze while cycling the long straight road to the red lighthouse of Cabo de Sao Vicente, the most westerly point in Europe. Here you have a wonderful view of the waves crashing against the rocks. At the end of the day transfer to…?


Day 8

Transfer to Faro, or extend your holiday on the coast.

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Route 1:

Almancil - Faro
(29 km)

Route 2:

Almancil - Faro Island - Faro -Almancil
(47 km)

Route 3:

Quinta do Lago - Loulé
(27 km)

Route 4:

Almancil - Fonte de Boliqueime
(45 km)

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