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When you invest in a high quality E-Bike, you naturally want it to be serviced correctly. If you want to use your E-Bike for years, this means maintenance and maybe some repairs. With our Dutch background, the country that famously houses more bikes than people, we have the knowledge to maintain your E-Bike in the perfect condition and offer your bike its (annual) service check-up.

martins e-bike service contracts

Classic: 89 euro
Inspection off:
  • Gear system
  • Brake system
  • Electronic system
  • Engine
  • Wheels/Tyres
  • Test drive & Bike fit
  • Pedals
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Headset
  • Wheelhub
  • Lights
  • E-software update

+ Pickup/delivery cost

Executive: 169 euro
= Classic +
  • Free Pickup/delivery
  • Free rental e-bike during service
  • Two free guided tours
  • First to know about any special offers
Pro: 10% max 500 euro
Inspection off:
  • All labour free of charge during service
  • All parts that need to be replaced free of charge*


  • Battery
  • Intentional damage, third-party damage
  • Maximum of 1000 euro per event and maximum of 5 years

Our Checklist

  • Test Drive

    Because we know what your E-Bike should feel like when driving it and how it needs to act. We start by doing a test drive, to experience how it rides, ourselves. After this we inspect your (E-)Bike on 12 points

  • Engine

    We check your engine, which we have already started before making the test drive and we will clean and adjust where necessary.

  • Battery

    We check the battery visually and status of your battery.

  • Brakes

    Naturally we also check your brakes on the front, the back and the brake levers. We make sure they are not set too smooth or too tight or make any noises.

  • Handlebar

    We check the bolts and make sure it is in the right position.

  • Chain

    We check if the chain is still in the right condition and if the tension is still right.

  • All around bolts check

    We check all bolts on your (E-)Bike and tighten them where needed. Of course we use the proper tools.

  • Saddle adjustment

    We check if your saddle is still adjusted in the right way and correct if necessary.

  • Cables

    We visually check the condition of all cables.

  • Tyres

    We check if the tyres are still in good condition, not dried out or worn out, and if replacement is needed.

  • Wheels & Spokes

    We check the condition of the wheels and of course the tension of the spokes.

  • Lights

    e check if the lights are working correctly.

  • Specific (E-)Bike maintenance

    Every (E-) Bike is different, so of course we check every bike for specific maintenance. Necessary updates we will carry out immediately as well.

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