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Victoria eAdventure 11.9 46cm Red / Bicicleta Eléctrica


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Want an SUV pedelec with sporty BOSCH drive? The “eAdventure 11.9” offers the comfort entry into the world of the VICTORIA “eAdventure” series, because it is the only model with internal gear hub. The developers of VICTORIA have reconciled the challenges of the underground from asphalt to unpaved dirt roads. The “eAdventure 11.9” has a new look with reduced brand lettering and a two-tone design.

First and foremost, the air-suspended SUNTOUR fork ensures the usual VICTORIA standard of comfort. 60mm wide SCHWALBE “Johnny Watts” tires provide optimum grip through forest and meadow. On asphalt, the Allroad tires also run true to track and, thanks to the lug arrangement, easily and quietly.
The BOSCH “Performance CX” mid-motor supports with a 85 Nm of torque. No matter whether you are driving uphill or pushing – the motor is always there if needed. The fully integrated BOSCH “PowerTube” battery feeds the motor with 625 Wh capacity.

The “eAdventure 11.9” is considered to be particularly low-maintenance, partly because it is equipped with a GATES “CDX” belt instead of a chain. The polyurethane and carbon fiber material mix makes it weather resistant and sturdy. A SHIMANO 5-speed “Nexus” gears completes the low-maintenance equipment. It deliberately omits the easy starting gears, because they are hardly used on pedelecs anyway, but has a greater development of the highest gear.

CURANA fenders, a MIK luggage rack and the CONTEC “Powerlock” lock round off the equipment of this comfort all-rounder. The reflective stripes on the tires and the lighting ensure roadworthiness. In front, powerful 80 lux light your way home, the rear of the bike is equipped for extra safety with a rear light plus stoplight function. This enables cyclists following behind to react better to spontaneous braking maneuvers, which often occur due to city traffic.


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