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Victoria eTrekking 7.5 56cm 28” Grey / Bicicleta Eléctrica


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With the eTrekking 7.5, the developers from VICTORIA have created a solid mid-range e-bike that meets all everyday requirements. The BOSCH “Active Line Plus” motor with 50 Nm torque first drives you gently and harmoniously on the way to the office, on the way back it brings you home with strong thrust – up to 25 km/h fast.

The engine is powered by the BOSCH “PowerPack 400”, which now sits partially integrated in the frame and is covered by a plastic cover. The appearance is thereby and due to the fresh two-color clearly slimmer and more modern, the driving style remains as comfortable. The proven SHIMANO “Nexus” internal gear hub with back pedal supports the progress with its seven gears. It is particularly low-maintenance.

At high speeds and also in general, it needs reliable brakes. That’s where the hydraulic rim brakes “HS22” from MAGURA come into play. Their braking power can be precisely dosed with the ergonomic lever. But even with spontaneous full braking it does not let you down.

For the usual high VICTORIA comfort standard are the suspended fork and seatpost and the ERGOTEC “Riser Bar” handlebar, which provides a more upright seating position. If you have to go in the evening again spontaneously to the supermarket, make one of the 50 lux bright front light primarily well visible in road traffic. The rear light with stoplight function even brings an extra safety for following cyclists. To the MIK system carrier, all common bags and baskets can be easily clicked with the appropriate adapter.


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