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Victoria eUrban 11.9 Size L Dark Night / Bicicleta Eléctrica


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The “eUrban 11.9” is comfortable and particularly low-maintenance – perfect for commuting to work across town every day on an e-bike. In a fresh two-color look, the bike with a maximum load of 170kg is confidently supported by the BOSCH “Performance” motor and reaches up to 25 km/h – even when going uphill. The 500-Wh battery is easily enough to experience nature on two wheels even beyond the city limits. With the continuously variable ENVIOLO hub gears, jumping gears and kicking into the void are a thing of the past – so your gaze can wander undisturbed into the landscape.

To meet the requirement of “low maintenance”, the “eUrban 11.9” is equipped with a GATES “CDX” belt. It convinces first and foremost with its weather resistance. Dirt and wetness? No problem. Since the drive runs smoothly and quietly without chain grease, it can easily be kept clean with water when it goes home over muddy tracks. A plus on top: trouser legs remain free of chain grease.


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