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You’d love to take your bike for a ride to enjoy the Algarve and its beautiful nature. Unfortunately you’re limited to taking the flat roads, because you experience that you need some assistance cycling up those hills. That narrows down the roads you can take and ultimately, what you can see, so what are your options? 

An E-Bike is the perfect solution for you! E-Bikes are normal bikes with some extra features. The best thing about an E-Bike is that it offers you a choice. You are in charge of exercising or leisure, you can make it really easy or real tough to cycle, it’s all up to you. At Martin’s E-Bike we offer you Electric Bikes of the highest quality, as we are the only specialized E-Bike shop in the Algarve.

We offer E-Bikes for rental and sale. With our Dutch background and keen eye for quality, we brought a lot of expertise to the Algarve and have been providing you with the best cycling advice for over the past ten years

Our everyday goal is to be the best E-Bike shop in the Algarve and work with a very enthusiastic team where everyone has their own responsibility to satisfy you as our client. We can serve you in English, French, German, Dutch and Portuguese. We never let our clients down and strive to always provide the best information and service. We aim to find every customer a perfect E-Bike that fits their needs and wishes. Naturally, you can try all bikes in our showroom, ensuring you make the perfect choice.

We offer German and Dutch city-, trekking-, folding-, road- and mountain E-Bikes. The brands that you can find at our shop are: 

The technique develops all the time and we are happy to be part of this cycling evolution. We follow the newest developments on E-Bikes very closely. Better batteries, stronger engines, we all have it in our shop. 

We are a certified dealer for:

Along with a wide selection of E-Bikes, we also offer an extensive product range of accessories e.g. helmets, baskets, pumps etc.

We offer delivery and pick up throughout the region with our modern vans and well-trained staff. Our delivery and pick up service is complimentary in the Golden Triangle area in the Algarve.

All our products are affordable, but of the highest quality and come with two years of full warranty. We commit to only selling things we can service and guarantee to function perfectly. Our training in the Netherlands makes it possible for us to service your (E-)Bike or make any  repairs with the highest quality standard. 

We would like to contribute to building a more sustainable world and we believe that cycling is a great solution!

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