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Subsidies for bikes; “Fundo Ambiental” now available!

Subsidies for bikes; “Fundo Ambiental” now available!


Fundo Ambiental was created by the Portuguese Environment and Climatic action Ministry and to support the acquisition of electrical vehicles and vehicles of urban mobility.
The biggest part of the budget will go for electrical cars ( 52%) followed by electrical bikes ( 23%). This support is limited to one application per individual person or four applications in case of a collective person (company / business)

The maximum is €500,- for an E-Bike (aimed for Urban mobility) or €1500,- for an E- Cargo Bike, and only applied to new vehicles acquired after the 1st of January of 2023. The deadline is 30th of November of 2023.

If you have bought a new E-bike after 1/1/23 you can apply by clicking on the link below.

https://www.fundoambiental.pt/apoios-2023/mitigacao-de-alteracoes- climaticas/incentivo-pela-introducao-no-consumo-de-veiculos-de- emissoes-nulas-ven-2023.aspx

The support is only eligible for urban cycling, so sports models are not included, such as Cross, Competition, or Mountain.

Necessary documents:
– Portuguese Fiscal Number
– Portuguese Social Security Number
– Citizen or Id card
+ In the case of a collective person (e.g. a company)
– Access code to the Permanent Certificate ( Certidão Permanente ) – Non debt certificate from AT and Social Security

For more information or help with your application, contact our salesteam at info@martinsebike.com

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