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(E-)Bike Maintenance

We can maintain your (E-)Bike in perfect condition, with our yearly check-up program

(E-)Bike Repair

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When you invest in a high quality E-Bike, you naturally want it to be serviced correctly. If you want to use your E-Bike for years, this means maintenance and maybe some repairs. With our Dutch background, the country that famously houses more bikes than people, we have the knowledge to maintain your E-Bike in the perfect condition and offer your bike its (annual) service check-up.

In our workshop, we work with a first-in-first-out system. This means that the first bikes that come in early in the day, will have our first attention. We try to service all repairs brought in by 10 AM the same day before 6 PM, so you can cycle again that same day.

In some situations, this might be inconvenient for you, for example, if you are located further away from our shop, like Lisbon or Aljazur, or if your bike breaks down and you need to leave with an organized tour the next day. In these situations, you can always call us so we can find a solution together.

If you want to be sure that your bike is serviced the same day, we recommend that you make an appointment in our appointment system. Depending on the time the appointment is booked by you and the work that needs to be done, we aim to have your (E-)Bike serviced or repaired the same day. Appointments made in advance will of course be handled as planned and will take precedence over the bicycles brought in without an appointment.

As soon as your bike is finished, we will contact you by text message or via a phone call. If a repair takes longer than expected we also will inform you. There is no reason to contact us before we reach out to you to ask if your bike is ready.


(E-)Bikes are mechanical structures and, unfortunately, mechanical things can break. An experienced cyclist knows that regular maintenance of a bike will keep it in shape and ensures that it will not let you down at the most inconvenient times. When you let us service and check your (E-)Bike at least once a year in our workshop in Almancil, we will make sure that your bike will stay in the best condition, so you can truly enjoy all your rides. We clean the bike and do a full check-up. When necessary, we repair the bike, grease, oil and adjust everything, with the correct tools and materials of the highest quality. Good (E-)Bike maintenance ensures your bike will last for many years!


Flat tires, rusty brakes, or malfunctioning gears: a dysfunctional bike is very annoying. When something is wrong with your (E-)Bike it is better to take quick action and bring it over to our shop in Almancil. We can check your full bike and repair or replace the broken parts. We strive to repair your (E-)Bike as fast as possible and, in most cases, you can collect your repaired (E-)Bike again on the same day. You are also very welcome when you need help with adjusting your seat or handlebars, or if you want to have your bike checked periodically.

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