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E-bike Victoria eAdventure 12.8

E-bike Victoria eAdventure 12.8

E-bike Victoria eAdventure 12.8


Optimal for offroad adventures, the VICTORIA “eAdventure 12.8” is equipped with the SHIMANO 10-speed “Deore” derailleur with Linkglide technology. The drive, whose gear gradation is already designed for uphill and downhill travel from the outset, is now generally much more robust and durable when it goes over dusty slopes or through rough terrain – exactly the routes for which an SUV pedelec is just made. The e-bike shines stylishly with a fresh two-tone design and the reduced brand lettering.

On extensive tours, the BOSCH “Performance CX” mid-motor guarantees its full support with 85 Nm of torque. Whether on steep climbs or even pushing – the motor supports with up to 25 or 6 km/h. The fully integrated BOSCH “Powerube” battery feeds the motor with 625 Wh. Large-dimensioned hydraulic disc brakes (203/180mm) from SHIMANO provide the right level of safety.

The usual VICTORIA comfort standard is the bike with suspended SUNTOUR fork, which dampens with a travel of 100mm. It can be individually adjusted to the rider and even adjusted for smooth routes. The 60mm wide “Johnny Watts” tires from SCHWALBE offer optimal grip through forest and meadow. On asphalt they run quietly.

A MIK luggage rack for luggage, CURANA fenders that keep out splashing water and dirt, and CONTEC “Powerlock” lock round out the equipment of the “eAdventure 12.8”. Reflective strips on the tires make the e-bike fit for road traffic. The same applies to the CONTEC lighting, which optimally illuminates the way home with 80 lux. At the rear, the bike is equipped with a rear light plus stoplight function for extra safety. This makes it easier for following cyclists to react to spontaneous braking maneuvers, which often occur on the way home through the city.

eAdventure 12.8
BOSCH Performance CX
Available Frame Sizes
Aqua Blue
Battery Capacity
625 Wh
Shimano Deore 10 Speed